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Hi! My name is Natalia.
I live in St Petersburg, Florida.

I'm glad you're in my store.

Here you will find only natural homemade soaps and cosmetics, which I do with great love and care.

All recipes are tested by time and checked by people. Everyone can find the necessary product here.

I love to make soaps and cosmetics!
It's very important for me not only to make a special product's design, but also to select special recipe for your skin and hair.​

My soaps won't dry your skin, it have rich and silky foam, and at the same time, my soaps carefully clear and care about skin.

Soap creation process is not just a mixing of oils and lye, all of the unique properties are given by additives, of course, natural. My soaps don't contain harmful additives or SLS, as industrial soaps. 

I create my soaps and cosmetics as a masterpiece because I want its design and composition to bring pleasure for you.

If you are a supporter of absolutely natural cosmetic, in my store you will find this for different tastes and needs.

I'm always happy to see new people. ​

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me  any time, I'll be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Happy shopping!

Thank you!